Test Sieve Shakers and Sonic Sifters

VariSifter™ Sonic Separator

Fully adjustable, fast and accurate fine particle separation. The next generation sonic sifter. The VariSifter is a top-of-the-line particle separator that generates the same repeatable and reproducible results as with the original L3P Sonic Separator but with upgraded features including adjustable frequency, multiple built-in tapping options, touch screen and a universal power converter.

Sonic Sifter Separator

A superior sieving instrument, the Sonic Sifter Separator is precise, versatile and ideal for laboratory, research and quality assurance applications. Specially designed 3" Diameter (76.2 mm) acrylic-framed sieves and an oscillating air column allows this unit to achieve efficiencies previously seen only with wet sieving for materials in powdered, granular or pellet form and is capable of achieving separations ranging from 3 µm to 5.6 mm.

DuraTap™ Sieve Shaker

Known around the world as an industrial strength analytical sieve shaker for ASTM sieve shaker for 8" and 12" testing sieves. This heavy duty rotary sieve shaker can also accommodate 200 mm and 300 mm ISO sieves.  Rugged components make this test sieve shaker a favorite for mining and aggregate industries where harsh duty cycles exist.

Meinzer™ II Sieve Shaker

Quiet & Compact This maintenance free, lightweight and portable vibrating sieve shaker provides precise repeatable results time after time. By utilizing an electromagnetic drive, a fixed amplitude and rubber spring mounts, this compact sieve shaker produces the simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis. Best for use with #100 or coarser mesh sieves.

DuraTap™ Conversion Kits

Kits are available for customers who want to convert their existing unit to accept either 8" or 12" sieves. No need to incur the expense of another shaker. Simply unscrew 4 bolts and loosen 2 hex nuts.

Sieving Accessories

Brushes, Covers, Pans, Midstack Pans, Spacer Frames, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products used for?

  • Sieving is the simplest, quickest and most economical means of particle size distribution analysis. Whether in food, pharma, foundry or cement and aggregate, your raw material particle size is critical to the quality and performance of your finished product.

What is CENTERLINE® sieve certification?

  • By utilizing a sophisticated image analyzer traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), your sieve is scanned for irregularities. Physical measurements are taken in a midpoint orientation of the wire in the X and y directions (warp and weft), and the wire diameters are measured to ensure compliance with the ASTM E11 specification.

Which sieve shaker is best for my needs?

Advantech Mfg. has three sieve shakers to offer; each with very different action on the particle.

  • If gentle, efficient, small sample size sifting is what you need, the Advantech Mfg. L3P Sonic Sifter is a perfect fit. Our L3P utilizes 3” diameter sieves in mesh sizes 5.6mm down to 3um. The oscillating sonic wave provides shorter test times with little particle attrition. The optional vertical and horizontal tapping* helps to redistribute particles on the sieve surface and break up agglomerates.
  • The Advantech Mfg. DuraTap™ is a rugged, oscillating and tapping shaker suitable for 8” (or 200mm) and 12” (or 300mm) diameter testing sieves. Our DuraTap™ is an excellent solution for larger sample sizes where more vigorous shaking and vertical tapping is required for your sample.
  • Does your testing procedure call for vibratory sifting? Then our Meinzer II is the answer. The Meinzer II is a small, portable, tabletop sifter which accommodates 8” or 200mm testing sieves. This model is especially effective with larger particle sizes.

*Horizontal tapping is produced by our L3-N8 Horizontal Pulse Accessory unit, which is a separate optional purchase.

How do I "read" your part number?

Where do I find a product manual or get help?

  • For help, you can always call us at 262-786-1600 or download the manual from our resources page.

Where can I find the ASTM E11 Standards?