Centerline® Sieve Re-Certification

Periodic Certification (Inspection or Calibration grade) of test sieves is recommended as with any precision laboratory instruments. Generally, the finer woven wire cloth requires more frequent inspections. Re-Certification schedules greatly depend upon your media, frequency of usage, sieve handling and care, and your internal quality system requirements.

Refer to the table below for the recommended schedule. Also below are instructions on how to submit your sieve for re-certification.

If you are interested in having your test sieves Centerline® certified,
please contact us at 800.511.2097, or 

The table below offers a basic guideline for scheduling your sieve re-certification, re-inspection or re-calibration.

ASTM Sieve Aperture Number of UsesORMonths in Use
5” to ¼”8036
½” to No. 127030
No. 14 to No. 406024
No. 45 to No. 1405018
No. 170 to No. 3253512
No. 400 to No. 635206

*For more detailed information on Sieve Compliance, Inspection and Calibration requirements please refer to the current ASTM E 11 Standard Specifications for
Woven Wire Test Sieve Cloth and Test Sieves.


  • It is not necessary to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) prior to sending us your sieve(s).
  • Sieve(s) must be thoroughly cleaned in order to protect our employees and yield the most accurate test results.
  • Sieve(s) not properly cleaned will incur a cleaning fee.
  • Only orders accompanied by a purchase order and a completed Decontamination Declaration will be processed.
  • Please also attach a copy of the Decontamination Declaration to the outside of your box.
  • Please send sieve(s) and required paperwork to:

Advantech Manufacturing, Inc.
Attn: Lab Services
2450 S. Commerce Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products used for?

  • Sieving is the simplest, quickest and most economical means of particle size distribution analysis. Whether in food, pharma, foundry or cement and aggregate, your raw material particle size is critical to the quality and performance of your finished product.

What is CENTERLINE® sieve certification?

  • By utilizing a sophisticated image analyzer traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), your sieve is scanned for irregularities. Physical measurements are taken in a midpoint orientation of the wire in the X and y directions (warp and weft), and the wire diameters are measured to ensure compliance with the ASTM E11 specification.

Which sieve shaker is best for my needs?

Advantech Mfg. has three sieve shakers to offer; each with very different action on the particle.

  • If gentle, efficient, small sample size sifting is what you need, the Advantech Mfg. L3P Sonic Sifter is a perfect fit. Our L3P utilizes 3” diameter sieves in mesh sizes 5.6mm down to 3um. The oscillating sonic wave provides shorter test times with little particle attrition. The optional vertical and horizontal tapping* helps to redistribute particles on the sieve surface and break up agglomerates.
  • The Advantech Mfg. DuraTap™ is a rugged, oscillating and tapping shaker suitable for 8” (or 200mm) and 12” (or 300mm) diameter testing sieves. Our DuraTap™ is an excellent solution for larger sample sizes where more vigorous shaking and vertical tapping is required for your sample.
  • Does your testing procedure call for vibratory sifting? Then our Meinzer II is the answer. The Meinzer II is a small, portable, tabletop sifter which accommodates 8” or 200mm testing sieves. This model is especially effective with larger particle sizes.

*Horizontal tapping is produced by our L3-N8 Horizontal Pulse Accessory unit, which is a separate optional purchase.

How do I "read" your part number?

Where do I find a product manual or get help?

  • For help, you can always call us at 262-786-1600 or download the manual from our resources page.

Where can I find the ASTM E11 Standards?